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A fun way to drive a business process change!

By May 31, 2015 No Comments

Innovate your business process change by thinking like a reporter.

One of the very first things young journalists learn is the “four Ws and an H” rule. By making sure to ask Who? What? Where? Why ? and How? Journalists can ensure that they cover all angles of a story. The same logic can be applied to problem solving around business process innovation.

  1. Who?  Who is involved? Who uses accounting software? Who will benefit from using accounting software?
  2. What? What should happen? What is it? What was done, ought to be done to convince the CEO to implement accounting software? etc
  3. When? When will, did or should this occur? Can it be hurried or delayed?
  4. Where? Where did, will, should this occur or be performed?
  5. Why? Why is accounting software beneficial? Why should it be implemented?
  6. How? How can it be described?

Giving up control when the pressure is greatest is the ultimate innovation paradox. A number of cutting edge companies allocate 10% free time to their employees to come up with innovative business processes.

Sage range of solutions can help you innovate your business processes by using ERP, CRM, Procurement, Inventory Management and many such solutions which will get you thinking about business processes.

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