Warehouse Management Software


Offering a sophisticated online warehouse management system, the CQ solution enables our customers to manage their operational environments efficiently, provides visibility, improves inventory management and creates an environment where required service levels can be sustained. The CQ warehouse management system integrates customers’ operations into their ERP:

  • The solution focuses on those granular and operational activities that the ERP systems are unable to support.
  • Provides real-time and accurate updates to the ERP through mobile scanner driven operations reducing data capture requirements

The CQ deployment model ensures that deployment is quick and efficient reducing customer IT involvement to the minimum and making the project a logistics project rather than an IT project. The CQ product is user friendly and simple to operate.

Why Is A WMS Required?


  • Accurate deliveries
  • On time shipment
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to needs


  • Accurate recording of deliveries and resulting payments
  • Providing accuracy which helps avoid emergency orders

Meeting Business Objectives

  • Stock turns
  • Managing costs

Business Tactics

  • Cut offs
  • Distribution strategies
  • Delivery SLAs

Departments Within The Company

  • Sales
  • Planning
  • Procurement / buying

Distribution Partners

  • Planned loads
  • Able to support delivery schedules
  • Accurate electronic transfer of delivery information

Running a Warehouse WITHOUT a WMS

Ruins Lives

Returns processing
Credit notes
Customer queries
Frequent stock takes
Planning against inaccurate information
Operations and ERP not aligned and out of sync
Manual processes to manage batches

Running a Warehouse WITH a WMS

Improves Lives

Facilitates Service
Meets business needs
Cycle counts
Fast response
Sustainable operations
Integrates operations into the ERP
Efficient batch tracking & management

Unnecessary Cost

Added resource costs to maintain service levels
Inefficient space utilisation
Bad stock rotation
Just-in-case stock
Inefficient resource utilisation

Reduced Overheads

Optimises costs
Intelligent & efficient space utilization
Good stock rotation
Increased stock turns
Efficient resource utilization through system directed instructions