Xperdyte Manufacturing for Sage Pastel

Xperdyte Manufacturing controls your production processes and brings all the aspects of your operating environment together, providing an holistic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers.

From material requirement planning to production scheduling, this comprehensive set of tools will help to plan, record, track and control your daily output.

Xperdyte Manufacturing is the official Sage Pastel Software Solution Partner for advanced manufacturing. Seamless integration with Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution ERP provides a cost-effective solution for improved manufacturing resource planning.

Xperdyte supports lean manufacturing principles and these principles are entwined throughout the software.

Sage Pastel Accounting & ERP

Xperdyte Manufacturing and Sage Pastel have partnered together to combine their skills, knowledge and resources in order to provide an advanced manufacturing software solution. We’re an authorised Sage Pastel Software Solution Partner for advanced manufacturing and seamlessly integrate with Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution ERP.

Xperdyte extracts the raw materials from Sage Pastel and takes control of the calculation of the standard and actual costs throughout the production process. Xperdyte then returns the finished items into Sage Pastel at the standard cost, any variation between the standard and actual cost is posted to a manufacturing variance account.

The multi-level Bill of Materials forms the basis for setting standards against which works orders are measured, thereby enabling accurate costings, effective efficiency and complete control.

Elements of Costs:

Machine overheads
Materials and components
Labour and set-up time
Outwork or Buyouts
Other cost types

Full Quality Control:

Setup QC test methods
Apply these methods to BOM’s

True Production Costing:

Compensation for yield losses
Powerful ‘what if’ costing scenario
Allocation of all costs into fixed or variable cost groups

Multiple BOM’s

Create multiple BOM’s for economic quantities ensuring optimum costs.

Works Orders control the actual running and measurement of performance in production.

Product routing through works centres
Prioritise Works Orders
Compare actual performance against pre-determined standards
Allows barcode scanning for production feedback

Production Feedback records actual usage

Labour Time
Other costs

Costing Methods

Standard Cost
Actual Cost
Set Cost

Xperdyte Manufacturing for Sage Pastel provides effortless scheduling of production tasks with the ability to schedule Works Orders at Work Centre level.

Touch Screen monitors and tablets can be used to view and enter feedback from the factory floor.
Graphical representation of scheduling simplifies planning and co-ordination.
Users can drill down to the machine and operators performing the Works Order with start and stop times.

Allows for the creation of project milestones where forecast plans can be set and measured against actual performance.

Our Material Requirement Planning (MRP) module simultaneously achieves three objectives:

To ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for customers.
Maintain the lowest possible material and production levels in store.
Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.

Create and set tests with tolerance levels and result parameters.
Per Lot number and/or per work centre.
Xperdyte will produce Laboratory and Certificate of Analysis reports (COA).

Many manufacturers require the ability to decant stock from one pack size to another whilst simultaneously controlling and calculating applicable costs.

Xperdyte ManufacturingDecanting Facility

Controls all the items being taken out stock which are required to produce the decanted item.
Returns to stock any re-usable materials extracted from the item which is being decanted from.
Calculates the Nett Cost of the decanted item.

Integrating with Sage Evolution’s inventory, serial number tracking and lot tracking modules allows you to keep detailed information on specific inventory items.

A Serial Number Listing report shows the current location of serial numbered items. For each Serial Number, the report shows the item code and description, the date of its last movement, the current general location in stock and the customer it was sold to.

Lot Tracking allows you to track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number. Expiry dates and user-defined status allow you to further control stock items. Users can determine what can be purchased or sold by Lot Status. Users cannot sell stock items that have expired. You can track items simultaneously by Lot Number and by Serial Number.