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Sage Pastel Evolution Mobile Sales – iPad App

By December 9, 2012 No Comments

Businesses are consistently changing and modernising to be more competitive. One of the main components of any successful business is sales. Recognising the advantages of tablets and smartphone technology in real time for face-to-face customer interactions, Evolution Mobile Sales extends the business enterprise to the field.

Sales executives and business managers can access real-time information, allowing them to operate more efficiently. This extends your organisations borders allowing you to transact anywhere and anytime.

Transform your business by enabling in-the-moment sales order creations and increase field sales productivity with Evolution Mobile Sales.

Main features of Pastel Evolution Mobile Sales:

  • Create and view Quotation and Sales order processing.
  • Visualise key information on your top customers and inventory items via the Dashboards.
  • Access to accounts receivable information which allows you access to customer account history and status.  
  • Line discounts supporting both amount and percentage.
  • Quick price-lookup including Inventory levels.
  • Integrates into Sales Order entry and Accounts Receivable using Pastel Evolution business rules.
  • Automated integration process.
  • Fast Flexible search engines.
  • Access permissions per sales rep, limiting their access to their own customized KPI’s, reports, customers and inventory items.
  • Task scheduler to set up meetings ensuring employee productivity.

Your sales force will not only get instant access to customer information but will also be able to view inventory levels.

The need for mobility and the ability to access and send information on-the-fly has significantly increased over the last decade. Workers travel more, work from home more, and spend time out of the office with suppliers and customers. These workers often need access to company information when at home, with client or suppliers. With Pastel Evolution Mobile Sales, Pastel Evolution users can access information directly from their handheld devices – another way we’re helping you take your business beyond accounting.

Through Pastel Evolution Mobile Sales your sales force will not only gain instant access to customer information but will also be able to view inventory levels and even place an order while visiting the customer, ensuring you continue to meet the level of service your customers have come to expect.

Once an order has been placed via the handheld device, Pastel Evolution Mobile Sales will automatically notify data captures back at the office of the changes. The order will then be tracked by means of the Order Entry module.

All you need to take advantage of this solution is Pastel Evolution (Version 4 and up), any cell phone or PDA that supports web browsing, a means of connectivity (3G, GPRS, HSDPA) and Microsoft internet Information System (IIS 5+).

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