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Sage Evolution Premium Launches Advanced Procurement Module

By December 18, 2012 No Comments

The Advanced Procurement (only avaliable in Sage Evolution Premium) module allows you to manage and streamline your purchase order, requisition and tender processes. Manage requests for quotations from suppliers and allow the system to help you choose the most appropriate supplier quote based on criteria predefined by you. Analyse your supply chain and evaluate your supplier’s performance on a rotational basis by sector or specified supplier criteria. Effectively managing these processes assists you to establish
credibility in the market place with your respective suppliers & stakeholders.

Main features of the Pastel Evolution Advanced Procurement Module:
 Manages your purchase order processes.
 Manages your requisition processes.
 Manages your tender processes.
 Compare and evaluate quotes and suppliers.
 Rotate preferred suppliers.
 Categorise suppliers by sector.
 Request quotes using workflows.
 Create specific user defined fields to identify preferred suppliers to supply certain requested
 Set specific qualifying criteria for supplier as well as selecting whether the system should
manually or automatically calculate supplier scores.
 Import and export functionality for supplier quotes.