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Sage Evolution Service Module

By March 18, 2013 No Comments

The Service Manager add-on module allows you to effectively manage your internal and

external service level agreements. It allows you to request, log, track and execute service

tasks to optimise service delivery. This module helps to meet the demand of customers

by providing them with up to date, accurate and frequent information with regard to the

progress of their service task.

Main features of the Pastel Evolution Service Manager Module:

 Manages and tracks service tasks through service requests, contracts and schedules.

 Manages asset service plans and records asset service history.

 Manages your technician utilisation and productivity.

 Assists with scheduling resources to service tasks.

 Maintains service level agreements.

 Manages contracts and communicates by sending notifications and warnings.

 Powerful dashboards summarising tasks, profitability and so on available for your

technicians and supervisors.