Project Management

Consulting and Professional Services Overview

Al Roman’s approach to scoping and analysis is such that all business process gaps are clearly documented with input from the responsible client resources. Through workshops and one-on-one collaborations between Al Roman and client, the bridge between business processes and application processes is built in order to mitigate potential issues from arising during the installation and execution phase. We also consider early the various reporting requirements of the client in order to ensure that the system configuration will meet the output requirements as best as possible.

Project Management Methodology

Project Approach

Al Roman adopted a Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBoK) as a preferred methodology on all its projects. The phases of the said methodology are explained further below:

Quick Delivery

Al Roman helps to meet your project deadlines. Our rapid delivery method takes an average of 30 – 90 days to deliver for a standard deployment. The more configurations you want, the longer the project will take.

The Waterfall model is widely known, used and trusted in the software industry to deliver incremental results quickly.

We create accurate and clear project time-frames at each stage. We document business processes and test them. The customer can review progress and make changes at each stage before we proceed to the next one.

Meet Deadlines: The Waterfall project management methodology delivers results quickly.