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Sage 300 People

An integrated payroll, HR and self-service solution that increases productivity and drives growth in your organization. One of the best solution in UAE.

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SAGE Certified Team in UAE with 32 years of expertise in SAGE Implementation

We specialize in Consulting, Training, Developing, and Implementing of Sage solutions and applications in the UAE.

Experienced Sage Certified Team in UAE with 32 years of expertise offers cost-effective, swift deployment of Zoho solutions and apps.

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Revolutionary HR, Payroll, and Employee Self-Service Combined in an Effortless, Powerful Platform.

Sage 300 People is meticulously crafted for enterprises seeking comprehensive features. This agile, budget-friendly solution offers unparalleled capabilities.

Key Features

Elevate HR and Payroll Management in Large Enterprises with Comprehensive Tools

Enhanced Security, Stability, and Streamlined Processes

Experience unparalleled security and unwavering stability, driving remarkable process enhancements through continuous innovation. The framework seamlessly integrates with existing Sage Accounting and BMS applications, capitalizing on SQL's strength as a unified foundation.

Real-Time Online Architecture

Monitor your processes effortlessly with real-time online architecture, minimizing errors and mitigating risks. This integration with a period-driven system sets a new industry standard, delivering cutting-edge technology at its finest.

Efficient Implementation through Intelligent Design

Our innovative design guarantees swift implementation, significantly reducing the time required compared to other systems of similar caliber.

Versatile Calculation Engine

From intricate medical aid deduction calculations and detailed report generation to complex job-costing computations, our universal calculation engine adapts seamlessly across all design areas. This exemplifies Sage's commitment to offering cohesive, comprehensive, and customizable solutions that transcend legacy configurations.

Preserving Data Security

In today's digital landscape, data security is paramount. Our ISO 27001 certification underscores our unwavering dedication to safeguarding your information and upholding the highest benchmarks of information security management.

Payroll Features

Liberate Your Operations from Outdated Legacy Systems

HR Features

Efficiently Navigate the Entire Employee Life Cycle

ESS Features

Empower Your Workforce

ESS presents an array of swift, user-friendly, time-efficient functions. This platform empowers your personnel to autonomously oversee numerous HR procedures, thereby liberating resources that can be directed towards advancing your business's strategic goals.

Your employees gain the ability to:

Your line managers are equipped to oversee:

System-integrated workflow processes encompass: