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Why Zoho People Plus?

Centralized Database Catering to Employee Needs

Eradicate manual data entry through instantaneous updates. A centralized database ensures that modifications made in one location are automatically synchronized across all applications.

Foster Collaboration by Eliminating Barriers

When your systems communicate, so do your teams. Forge an interconnected system that transcends boundaries, empowering your teams to amplify productivity.

Streamlined Administration Made Simple

Effortlessly include users across all applications, assign role-based access to various apps, and administer all workforce-related tasks from a single administrative console.

Accelerate Process Efficiency

A world of information remains futile if inaccessible. With data housed in a centralized platform, staying informed becomes simpler for both you and your employees. Unified understanding accelerates your processes, making them swifter, seamless, and more intelligent.


Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Core HR

Employee Engagement