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Cloud POS

Welcome to Cloud POS - Empowering Your Business Transactions. Simplify point-of-sale operations, gain real-time insights, and make informed decisions. Choose Cloud POS for streamlined and successful transactions today.

Advantages of Transitioning

Discover the advantages of transitioning to a Cloud-based POS System tailored for Retail Stores. Unlock the benefits of an easy-to-use system that can scale according to your needs, offering reduced costs and saving time on infrastructure investments. Seamlessly integrate your operations and make quick decisions with real-time customized reports, resulting in enhanced productivity and faster return on investment (ROI).

Enhance your Retail Business

Enhance your Retail business with comprehensive Financial Management. With our Retail Cloud POS, you can streamline your operations from billing to filing. Automate bill and ledger reconciliation, eliminating manual efforts and errors. Enjoy the convenience of one-click GST filing, e-invoicing, e-way billing, and financial statement tracking.

Ensure Uninterrupted Business

Ensure Uninterrupted Business Continuity. Our offline capability and GoBill, a mobile and windows-based auto-sync billing solution, guarantee uninterrupted billing even during periods of no internet connectivity. This feature prevents any data mismatch with real-time data sync.

Seamlessly Embrace Omnichannel

Seamlessly Embrace Omnichannel. Take your business Omnichannel with Gofrugal, providing a consistent experience to consumers across online and offline channels. Effortlessly manage centralized inventory from a single platform, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive ROI

Experience the limitless potential of Gofrugal Retail Cloud POS.

Intuitive Inventory Control

Experience the right stock methods to avoid product wastage, cut down on the inventory carrying costs, increase revenue by making insightful business decisions

Revolutionary Offer and Loyalty Management

Bid farewell to manual data entry headaches as automatic bank reconciliation takes charge (available based on countries). Simplify all your transactions, whether receiving payments or making them, by consolidating them in a single, hassle-free area.

Optimized Multi-Store Management

Simplify the management of multiple outlets with our optimized multi-store solution. Enjoy centralized data management, seamless store-to-store transactions, maintain location-specific selling prices, and ensure streamlined GST structures across all stores with ease.

Streamlined Cloud Integrations

Easily connect with your preferred e-commerce, payment, and accounting platforms through seamless integration. If you can't find the integration you need, don't fret! Our system offers simple API integration for any e-commerce platform.

Enhance Consumer Visibility with ONDC

Unlock the potential of being discoverable to all online shoppers through a unified solution. Expand your customer base, cater to omnichannel demands, connect directly with consumers, and boost sales to new heights.

Swift and Precise POS Billing

Delight your customers with lightning-fast checkouts, twice as quick, thanks to our one-touch billing feature. Experience the convenience of choosing your preferred billing methods, including SMS, WhatsApp, touchscreen, and offline options.

Customer-Centric Business Boosters for Ultimate Satisfaction!

Integrated Accounting with Retail Cloud POS.

Explore RetailEasy OnCloud and gain access to live financial statements, personalized tax settings, and integrated accounting software for a seamless experience.

Revolutionize your checkout process with GoBill

An enhanced user interface and a convenient application designed to empower retail stores. Say goodbye to long queues and delight your customers with lightning-fast checkouts.

Empower yourself with WhatsNow and make timely decisions on-the-go.

Stay informed about the latest business trends in real time, all from the convenience of your pocket. With WhatsNow, you can take full control of your business, ensuring you never miss a beat and always stay ahead of the game.

Craft an uninterrupted omnichannel experience.

Achieve a seamless omnichannel experience by developing a personalized online ordering application that aligns with your brand identity. Enhance customer satisfaction with accurate stock availability, flexible payment options, and timely doorstep delivery of your products.

Experience absolute inventory control every day with GoSure.

Optimize your omnichannel orders by utilizing scanning technology for lightning-fast and precise deliveries. With GoSure, guarantee 100% product availability and continuous stock auditing. Benefit from livestock visibility, enabling effortless one-click reconciliation from any location.

Receive immediate support through the MyGofrugal app.

Enjoy a swift, user-friendly, and robust support experience, where your requests are promptly attended to in the most efficient, fastest, and cost-effective manner.