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Welcome to Retail - Empowering Your Business. Simplify operations, gain insights, and make informed decisions. Choose Retail for business success today.

Elevate your performance with an omnichannel ERP solution.


Be a part of ONDC, India's groundbreaking e-commerce initiative, and tap into an extensive consumer base like never before.

Order Easy

Optimize your profits by efficiently handling delivery and takeaway orders through our online restaurant management system.

GoSure - StockPick

Simplify your stock picking process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, leading to delightful experiences with every order.


Guarantee seamless deliveries to your customers with minimal effort and manpower required.

Gofrugal POS empowers your retail business.
Apparel & Footwear
Electrical, Electronics & Computers
Hypermarket & Departmental Stores
Lifestyle & fashion
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Specialized Retail

Key Features of a Retail Software

Access a comprehensive collection of mobile apps for a seamless experience, covering everything from order taking to delivery, procurement to payment. Enjoy a frictionless journey throughout your business operations.

Retail POS Software

Achieve total inventory control with the ability to stock high-demand items efficiently. Receive notifications on slow-moving and expiring products, enabling corrective measures. Utilize smart recommendations for reordering to optimize stock levels and avoid shortages effectively.

Retail POS Software

Enjoy the convenience of an integrated GST/VAT accounting solution within the POS software, eliminating the need for separate accounting software. All sales, purchase, and inventory data automatically sync with the accounting system. Additionally, you can initiate online payments directly from the software for a seamless financial management experience.

Retail POS Software

Offer your customers a delightful and swift checkout experience. Streamline end-to-end billing operations effortlessly with the best billing software for retail shops, requiring minimal training while ensuring maximum security.

Supply Chain Management

Effortlessly monitor store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, profits, and more from a centralized platform. Take action from anywhere with web access to all stores, empowering you to feel confident and expand to more outlets with ease.

CRM and Loyalty

Create customer profiles, attract new and repeat customers, and gain insights into their preferences by analyzing purchase history. Plan innovative promotions tailored to customer preferences to increase sales and loyalty. Reward loyal customers to foster strong relationships and boost business growth.

Retail Software Utilities

Access over 350 actionable business intelligence MIS reports for making real-time decisions on the go. With GoSecure BaaS, enjoy automated on-cloud data backup at regular intervals, guaranteeing 100% business continuity and reducing ownership costs, required skills, and restoration time.

Seize full control of your inventory using your mobile device!

Empower yourself with complete inventory control right from your mobile device! Perform stocktakes during business hours to precisely monitor inventory status with real-time tracking and live reconciliation using retail software. Boost employee productivity with system-generated automated stock taking tasks and access instant mismatch reports anywhere, anytime.

Carry your business with you wherever you go!

Stay informed about critical business information from your retail billing software and make timely decisions with real-time reports accessible on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Carry your business with you wherever you go!

Enhance your checkout counters with Mobile POS Billing Software, a powerful queue buster solution. Request a live demo now to experience its efficiency and effectiveness.

Streamline your business operations with a single tool for shared inventory, accounting, and much more.

No need for extra personnel to manage additional sales channels. We will seamlessly integrate your online business with Gofrugal RetailEasy POS, the retail billing software. Easily access and process e-commerce sales orders directly from the POS retail software. Synchronize inventory and pricing details between your physical store and online store effortlessly. Take full control of your online business and manage it professionally, all from the retail billing software.