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Employee Engagement

Enhance Workplace Efficiency with Employee Engagement

Cultivate a positive work culture using empowering technology. Zoho People Plus introduces a range of captivating methods to unite your teams, elevating their productivity and overall engagement.

Streamlined Team Communication through Business-Ready Chat

Experience smooth roster coordination using Zoho People Plus. Ensure optimal staffing levels with ease by designing personalized shifts, shift-based calendars, and configuring automatic rotations. The system also identifies shift conflicts automatically. Stay informed of any shift modifications through bot notifications.

Enhanced Communication with Audio/Video Conferencing

In situations where text might not suffice, leverage the power of audio and video conferencing to enhance communication with your colleagues, especially when they are working remotely.

Empower Collaboration with the Social Wall

Facilitate both essential business discussions and casual conversations, fostering seamless teamwork and collaboration. Initiate forum discussions within your group or extend across teams, promoting the free flow of ideas, expediting discussions, and enabling collective decision-making for crucial matters.

Achieve Efficiency through Chatbots

Whether it's the attendance bot, approval bot, or cafe bot, you have the flexibility to create bots for various repetitive tasks that might distract you from your core responsibilities. Streamline your workflows and maintain control over every facet of your role through user-friendly bot notifications.

Meet Zia, Your AI Assistant

Zia, Zoho's intelligent assistant, is here to assist you in coordinating events such as interviews, employee orientations, or client meetings. Not only can Zia send event reminders and notifications, but it can also aid in rescheduling if needed.