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Gofrugal ERP empowers your distribution business.
Advantages of employing Distribution Software in Wholesale Business.
A comprehensive distribution management software caters to the needs of both single and chain businesses, including stockists, super stockists, wholesalers, dealers, and distributors. Enjoy the following benefits of using distribution software for wholesale business:

Order Management

Maximize sales efficiency and reduce expenses by increasing sales per representative through a streamlined mobile app for order entry and collection. This app seamlessly integrates with our wholesale distribution software.

Control Price and Margin

Experience increased profit margins with multiple price levels and discounts tailored to specific customers, customer groups, and product categories. The wholesale distribution software facilitates seamless multi-format and multi-company invoicing for added convenience.

Credit and Receivables

Effectively manage credit limits and days while gaining complete visibility through quality outstanding and collection reports. Achieve this with our integrated distribution software and financial accounting module.

Offers and Schemes

Strengthen customer relationships and boost profits simultaneously by leveraging distribution management software with diverse offers and schemes based on products, categories, customer types, and selective batches or lots.

Inventory Management

Attain full control of your stocks, gain insights into sales and remaining inventory, and make informed purchasing decisions with the Automatic Reorder software designed for wholesale distribution.

Returns Management

Efficiently manage the replacement process of expired or damaged goods in distribution software, complete with comprehensive tracking, simplified inspections, and approvals. Additionally, perform credit note and bill-wise amount adjustments seamlessly.

What is a Distribution Management System?

Distribution Management System (DMS) is a comprehensive software solution that empowers businesses to gain control over their entire distribution network. With DMS, businesses can streamline various operations, such as supply chain, purchase management, sales, inventory management, accounting, returns management, order management, offers, and more, all in a single platform, resulting in increased profitability.

What makes Wholesale Distribution Software essential for distributors?

Quick Process Orders

Wholesale distribution software enables distributors to expedite order processing, reduce dependencies, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Real-time Data

By providing high visibility and real-time data access, it empowers businesses to effectively respond to changing customer demands.

Complete Control

The software takes full control, managing the entire process from raising purchase orders to stock transfers, receiving sales orders, processing, and fulfilling orders.

Optimized Inventory

Distribution software allows businesses to optimize inventory and boost sales by streamlining operations, minimizing errors, and making data-driven decisions.

What functionalities does the Distribution Management System offer?

The Distribution Management System is an all-inclusive solution encompassing various features for managing and optimizing product distribution. It involves efficient inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management to ensure smooth delivery of products to end-users, including retailer customers. The key features of the distribution management system are as follows:

Tips for selecting the appropriate Distributor Management System for your wholesale distribution business.

When considering wholesale distribution management software, it is essential to verify that it includes the essential features to facilitate your business growth.

Real-time Insights

Be on the lookout for robust inventory management features that offer real-time insights into stock levels and can automatically trigger reordering when needed, ensuring accurate and timely purchases.

Return Management

An efficient returns management system is vital in ensuring hassle-free handling of damaged or expired items, facilitating easy replacements and management.

Integrated Accounting

An integrated accounting system is another crucial feature that simplifies processes and eliminates the need for redundant work in calculations and postings.

Order Management

An ideal order management solution can efficiently handle orders and significantly reduce order processing time.

What makes Gofrugal the superior choice for a Distribution Management System?

Gofrugal's distribution management software fosters efficient business growth with minimal staff and skills required. It stands out as a dependable solution for managing wholesale businesses remotely. With digital native solutions for order and rep management, inventory management, online ordering, and business insights, you can delight customers and enhance profits. Gofrugal is the perfect software for multi-chain wholesale distribution businesses, offering control over the entire supply chain and providing high visibility on sales and stock levels across chains.

Seize full control of your inventory using your mobile device!

Gofrugal wholesale distribution management software offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their inventory management and overall operations. Its mobile inventory management system enables daily stocktake during business hours, providing real-time tracking of inventory status. The software generates automated stock-taking tasks for employees, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the system offers instant mismatch reports accessible from anywhere, facilitating quick resolution of inventory discrepancies.

Seamlessly take orders, create receipts, and generate bills on the go!

Integrating sales force automation with distribution management software can significantly boost a business's sales operations. With real-time access to stock, offers, and bill-wise outstanding details, sales representatives can process more orders and collect payments faster, leading to increased productivity and revenue growth. Performance analytics, route planning, and a daily dashboard offer valuable insights into sales operations, enabling businesses to optimize their sales strategies and improve customer engagement. Moreover, integrating the sales force automation app with distribution management software can substantially reduce order turnaround time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention. Overall, businesses adopting this integrated approach can achieve remarkable efficiency gains, cost savings, and enhanced sales and customer service capabilities.

Wholesale distribution software solutions for multi-outlet businesses.

A comprehensive software solution designed for multi-location sales and distribution businesses to efficiently manage their downstream supply chain, including C&A/C&F, stockists, and super-stockists. This loosely coupled web-based distribution management software allows you to manage your chain network and make informed decisions from anywhere, offering complete visibility on sales and stock levels.

Carry your entire business in your pocket.

With the distributor management system, the WhatsNow app empowers you to make data-backed decisions using real-time reports on your phone, accessible anytime and anywhere.

How to create an e-Way bill using Gofrugal Distribution software?

Gofrugal distribution software automates the process of generating e-Way bills when goods worth more than Rs 50,000 are transported to the consignee. This automation significantly reduces up to 95% of the manual effort involved in the process.