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Integrated Applications

Zoho One Applications

Zoho One has all the applications to run your business. Get your work done from any browser, from anywhere.



A multichannel approach to modern sales processes.

Simple Small Business CRM

Pipeline management solution for small customer-facing teams.

Appointment Scheduling

Automate your scheduling processes and say goodbye to no-shows.


Marketing Automation

Integrated marketing automation for faster business growth.

Email Marketing

Create, send, and track effective email campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Post content, interact with followers, and monitor your social networks.


Make informed decisions using customer feedback.


Build forms for lead generation and customer engagement.

Website Builder

Quickly build professional websites.

Website Optimization

Optimize your web pages for engagement and conversion.

Web Engagement/Live Chat

Engage website visitors and turn them into customers.

Event Management

Run successful events.

E-commerce Platform

Accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, analyze your data, and build a website.


Customer Support

Support customers across multiple channels with one tool.

Remote Support/Access

Troubleshoot customer issues remotely for quick resolutions.


Take a look at the problems in equipment—ranging from plant machinery to servers


Email Hosting

Host secure, ad-free email for your business.


Communicate instantly with quick and informal team messaging.


Project Management

Plan, track, and collaborate on projects across teams to get things done.

Agile Project Management

Manage and build sprints for agile teams.

Internal Social Network

A private social network for team discussion and sharing resources.

Learning and Training Platform

A complete visual learning & training platform for your workforce.

Shared Inboxes

Keep everyone in the loop with shared inboxes and turn emails into tasks.

Web Conferencing and Webinars

Present and demo right from your browser.

File Management

Store, organize, and manage your team files securely.


Word Processor

Write and collaborate in a clean interface.


Build powerful collaborative spreadsheets online.

Slide Decks

Collaborate to create beautiful slide decks.

Digital Signatures

Sign documents digitally and request signatures.

Take Notes

Make note of what matters in this beautiful note-taking app.

Password Management

Securely store and manage your teams' passwords.



Handle all aspects of your accounting and track the health of your business.

Invoice Management

Get paid faster with professional invoices that reflect your brand.

Expense Management

Turn receipts into expense reports for quick approvals.

Payment Forms

Accept payments anywhere online.


Spend less time running payroll for your employees


Subscription Management

Bill your customers on a recurring or subscription basis.

Inventory Management

Manage a centralized inventory management system across sales channels.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Manage your employees, time off, approvals, and more.


Hire great talent to grow your company.

Business Process

Custom Applications

Turn your unique business processes into custom applications.

Business Intelligence

Get insights about every aspect of your business.

Integration Builder

Visually build integrations between apps.

Data Cleansing and Preparation

Connect, explore, transform, and enrich data for analytics, machine learning, migration, and data warehousing.


Contract Management

Efficiently manage the lifecycle of your legal contracts.