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Customization Tools

The Zoho One Platform

Within the Zoho One Platform, managers, IT teams, and developers are equipped with robust tools to customize Zoho One into a comprehensive and personalized solution, enabling you to innovate, distinguish yourself, and successfully achieve your business objectives.

Custom Applications with Creator

For managers, IT teams, and developers, Creator offers the capability to construct personalized web and mobile applications for handling intricate processes. Creator streamlines the development journey through adaptable app interfaces, low-code scripting using Deluge, and the abstraction of servers and technical infrastructure. These apps, created using Creator, can be seamlessly deployed and provided to employees akin to any Zoho app. Alternatively, they can be shared with customers and vendors as needed.

Build on Top of the Zoho One Platform

Develop Extensions with Sigma

Sigma empowers developers to enhance Zoho applications through the creation of widgets that introduce additional functionalities and seamlessly integrate third-party services within the contextual environment. By employing OAuth 2.0, developers can establish connections with various services and craft extensions utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These extensions have the flexibility to either be publicly available on the Zoho Marketplace or kept privately within specific organizations.

Develop Serverless Services with Catalyst

Catalyst provides developers with the chance to harness Zoho's substantial cloud infrastructure and development proficiency via proven microservices. By seamlessly merging storage and functions as a service, Catalyst removes the complexities of servers and scalability. The platform offers versatile language options and operates on a pay-per-use basis, culminating in a potent and user-friendly full-stack serverless solution.